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With almost 2, people and their equipment to be put into place this is no easy matter. With all the aircraft in position at their various operating bases by the end of the first week, aircrew are given a briefing to make sure everyone is aware of the capabilities of the aircraft and systems. Col Luca Capelli, Director of Operations for SF08 set out to run the exercise according to a real situation when a coalition under a United Nations mandate would deploy a force to resolve a crisis.

It's the same at Spring Flag.

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During the first three days we have a show of force period, to convince the enemy to stop the hostilities. Unfortunately this does not always work. They have been operating the E-3F since The E-3F can support packages of up to 80 caserta packaging home work which caserta packaging home work fighters, tankers, transports and helicopters.

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The COMAO's can take up to three hours for all aircraft to be airborne with sorties lasting up to four hours in duration. Eight days of aerial sorties are planned starting in the second week on Monday April 8 day 1. Mission planning using the sophisticated computer software enables pilots to plan their sorties quickly and effectively. Pilots are able to print off aerial maps with the Airspace Control Order ACO already marked, saving them at least 40 minutes of planning time.

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Pilots on day 1 use their flying time to familiarise themselves with the operational areas. It is also used for show of force missions, as part of the strategy to resolve the crisis between the two opposing nations.

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The injured are carried by AB. Left to right: One of two AB. A pair of A. Mission planners and aircrew have to respond to a 'shooting down' of a coalition forex nyitó órák jumbo. An AMI Tornado is tasked to fly a reconnaissance mission to gather intelligence for an air-to-ground 'attack' on OpFor forces at Trapani.

If a pilot is shot down a Combat Search And Rescue CSAR mission should follow, in reality these can be put in to operation from between 30 minutes to three days.

Acacia Garden Tea Trolley Light Wood CASERTA

The A. MBCD MM '' Each national force had a detachment commander whose role was to coordinate its caserta packaging home work to make sure each individual force were properly integrated in to the whole. Having no complaints, "everything is going well" Maj Marinopoulos was happy with the results of his pilot's sorties and how the exercise was progressing.

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The sorties were flown from between approximately and local time. As events escalated the numbers of aircraft flown increased, the final COMAO involved around 60 aircraft.

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The AMX has only just returned to service following a grounding order in December due to persistent problems with the cockpit canopy. For logistical reasons this was the only aircraft with OpFor to operate from Decimo'.

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Operating in the Sardinia area it could be on task in ten minutes from Trapani it would have taken 40 minutes. In Conclusion Col Capelli, Director of Operations was based at Decimo' for the exercise, "My role, with my staff, is to coordinate all the activities.

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We plan the whole exercise, we setup the meetings and prepare all the documents. He was clearly pleased with all aspects of the exercise. The poor sea state due to high winds was also a factor. This would have it made it very difficult to rescue a pilot who was forced to eject over the sea.

Acacia Garden Tea Trolley Light Wood CASERTA

Detachment commanders from each nation would after or in place of a cancelled COMAO's, meet to organise small scale aerial battles. SF08 was an ideal opportunity for Dissimilar Air Combat Training DACTwhere pilots of different types of aircraft can fly against each other in one versus one or two versus two scenarios.

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Following completion of the exercise on April 17 a VIP and media day was scheduled with over journalists invited. No live weapons are used and the disruption to civilian life in Sardinia is kept to a minimum, "We have nothing to hide", said Lt Col Alfonsi.

Last year there were some small protests at Decimo' air base this year none were reported, which is testimony showing how MOC staff had successfully proven their case.

The exercise did not only come under the scrutiny of the media. Spring Flag was once again deemed to have been a success. Personnel from all participating nations were able to test their methods and skills in an environment that came as close to a live situation as is possible and without a live weapon being fired.

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